An American City: Complete Set Volume l & ll

An American City 

FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art

Volume I & II
Edited by Michelle Grabner, with contributions from Daniel Baumann, Mary Jane Jacob, Dieter Roelstraete, Hamza Walker, Dan Byers, David Getsy, Tina Kukielski and others/Copyedited by Amanda Glesmann

The second of two volumes for the inaugural exhibition will feature essays and conversations by leading curators and critics of biennials who will investigate what it means to stage a large scale biennial today, in the United States, in an American midwestern city.  Two person conversations between Front artists will provide additional reflections of the artists working and responding to the particular environment of Cleveland in 2018. Richly illustrated with all exhibitions and outdoor site-specific projects included.

 The first edition of FRONT is an expansive program of eleven interconnected Cultural Exercises that address aesthetics in relation to political change and societal uncertainty. The exhibition will interweaves critical approaches to museum exhibitions, public and educational programs,  residencies, publications, and research strategies in a multi-venue presentation unfolding across Cleveland and its surroundings.

An American City will tease out the ways in which contemporary experiences of an urban location are shaped by historical and current events, and how a city’s collective memory and sociopolitical imperatives can define artistic and curatorial production there.


ISBN: 9781935294672/ US $60.00
9 x 11.5 / 160 pgs /
300 color. September 2018/Art

Cleveland, Akron, Oberlin, Ohio